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Hello You,

Thanks for taking the time to check out some of my artwork! You likely have something special in your life coming up that you’d like to document, or perhaps you are another photographer scoping out the competition! Either way – I’m glad you are here and interested!

Now, enough about you and a little about ME!

I won’t tell you that I have been taking photos my entire life; that I was born with a camera in my hand. It just is not the case. My husband and I both met through our careers in aviation, and when I stayed home with our first daughter – I started to go little Mommy-on-maternity-leave-nuts, having nothing outside of our home life to do, besides change diapers (full of rainbows and sunshine, of course) wash sweet smelling laundry, and cook for what you’d think was an army but is actually just a big German husband. I have always been very creative, and my big German being like-minded, saw that I was missing something and bought me my first semi pro camera, and though I took my time getting to know it, I started to take pictures of everything that wouldn’t sue me.

I started to scrounge together babysitting for my favourite little tax deduction (of which I now have two), work my way through a photography certificate at Mohawk College and what I ended up with was a hard drive full of images and teachers who told me I was doing something fresh.

Finally all in one week, two professional photographer friends told me that my work was not only good, but that there was something different about it and that I was crazy not to be using my skills in a professional capacity. Perhaps it was that I learned a lot on my own before attempting to become professionally trained, or maybe it’s just my fondness for images that capture something closer to reality, a little unstructured or informal, but so true of the moment.

I have an affinity for meeting people, my clients often becoming dear friends and I have a knack for working with people who hate having their photo taken – often making them laugh, even if it’s at my expense. I will stay up all night to edit your images if that’s what it takes to get it done. I will stay the extra bit of time at our shoot just to get that perfect shot – usually because I just like doing what I do… even though I just can’t wait to get home to the next diaper change (the baby’s, not mine, I assure you…)

Something that is extremely important to me in my work is building confidence.

I love to shoot boudoir. I have so many women say “but I hate my body”. If you are interested in doing boudoir but letting this stop you. DON’T. Many of the women in my portfolio albums have been or are still plus sized. Many have had children, and I challenge you to guess who is who. They all left feeling like a million bucks. After two children, and lifetime of loving food I am extremely aware of how this “I’m just not pretty enough” mentality can feel. I’m of European heritage, so I’m ninety-nine percent awesome, but still one-hundred percent carboholic-perogie addict. So whether you are a bride or boudoir session, I am exceptionally aware of my camera angles and lighting and how the finished product will make you feel!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

Also, if you decide you would like to book your wedding date with me but are not sure about a package, that’s okay too! We can book the date and set up an appointment to discuss your budget and working within it.

Love, Lust and Luck Always,

Samantha Bauer

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